3 Key Takeaways From Our “5 Ways to Increase Revenue by Changing Your Workflows” Webinar

Takeaways From 5 Ways to Increase Revenue by Changing Your Workflows
Nieuwe look, hetzelfde geweldige product! HelloSign heet nu Dropbox Sign.

In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar last week! After a short intro by Whitney Bouck, we dug into how companies can increase revenue by building better workflows.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar, or scroll down for just a few of the highlights.

1. Offices suffer (big time) from repetitive tasks

It’s absolutely astounding how much companies lose annually due to repetitive tasks in the office place. We’re talking dozens of productive work weeks per team. 

During the webinar, we looked an example marketing team of 5 that spends ⅓ of their time performing repetitive tasks and found they’d spend nearly 3 months out of the year doing repeat tasks.

The implications behind that are huge! With so much time being devoted to repetitive tasks, teams have less time to focus on strategic thinking and higher value projects. Furthermore, the problem isn't isolated to marketing teams. Every department suffers from unnecessary repetitive tasks creating a company-wide challenge.

2. Better onboarding flows can improve a company’s retention rate by over 200%

You probably already knew that hiring great talent is important. BUT did you know that an improved employee onboarding program could be the ticket to a higher retention rate? 

We looked at a study by iCMS, which shares that an improved employee onboarding workflow can increase employee retention from 14% to 44%. 

Automating the paperwork portion of your onboarding and asking employees for feedback are just a couple ways to create a better onboarding program. Long term benefits of improving inefficient onboarding workflows include increased employee retention and improved HR productivity. 

As an aside, employee onboarding is something we’ve put a lot of thought into at HelloSign. Our HR lead wrote a fantastic post about how to create successful onboarding programs built to scale.

Check it out here: The Lean Startup Guide to Employee Onboarding.

3. Sales teams can earn back ½ their time by automating portions of the sales cycle

As it turns out, companies don’t always realize just how many resources are funneled into sales tasks that can be automated. When companies reduce or eliminate repetitive sales steps, they give their reps more time to do things like sell.

We shared ways to speed up the first step of a sales cycle (by automating parts of prospecting) and the last step (using online contracts to close the deal) to close deals significantly faster. Using an example sales team, we found sales departments could regain significant amounts of time (sometimes up to 1/2 a day!) by using automation tools. 

Hungry to learn more actionable steps? All these points (and many more) are covered in the webinar. Click here to download a copy of the recording. 

Happy viewing!



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