Atlético de Madrid and Dropbox join forces to drive the club's digital transformation

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Atlético de Madrid has chosen Dropbox as a partner in its digital transformation, allowing it to optimize workflows, securely share information and create collaborative workspaces to streamline internal processes.

For the rojiblanco club, digital transformation is a priority and it wants to be one of the digital pioneers in the sports industry.

“René Abril, Director of Technology and Digital Development at Atlético de Madrid comments: “working with Dropbox gives us the necessary confidence to focus on streamlining other tasks. We needed a secure solution that would allow our teams to work from anywhere. Whether it is about managing heavy files, such as training or match videos, or managing contracts or other legal documents, we need a solution that allows us to keep up with the work rhythms of the sector. We are very happy with this partnership, which allows us to combine values such as teamwork and innovation."

For Dropbox, the partnership with Atlético de Madrid means reaffirming its presence in the Spanish market, in a vertical that is experiencing a unique moment of acceleration and transformation. David Keogh, Regional Director Sales & Channel Southern Europe, at Dropbox adds: "This collaboration gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves in Spain with one of the best soccer teams in the country and demonstrate that Dropbox is much more than storage on the cloud. The sports industry is a key vertical for us and Dropbox has a lot to offer as a partner within the industry.”

Dropbox is a reference in the Tech sector at an international level, with a worldwide presence and a portfolio of products that go beyond the cloud, such as Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Replay or Docsend. Start your free trial here.

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