Top Down - Transforming in a Leader-Led Style

Course Overview

There are multiple ways to approach digital transformation. In this course we discuss one of those approaches: the top-down process.

We discuss how organizations can identify a champion for the transformation process and reflect upon whether the existing organizational structure, or the appointment of a new innovation role is best.

We discuss the trend of “skunk work” approaches towards transformation and sound a note of caution about these more siloed methodologies.

We give some guidance to leaders dealing with employees who want nothing to do with digital transformation, and show how this response can be a reaction to poor leadership and process.

Finally we discuss changing the organizational mindset and culture to one of “constant change” – and show how even in a top-down approach towards digital transformation, the key requirement is to help employees to reach a place there they can adapt and innovate on their own.

in this course
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Two distinct ways of looking at leadership in digital transformation
Four ways to influence digital change in your organization
What you can do to lead successful change-management with your employees
Why Skunk work doesn’t cut it anymore
The “T”s of 4T Thinking